Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rain and A Headache

This is shaping up to be one terribly long week. Starting with the Monday holiday, followed by a dentist appointment and then nothing else. To top it all off I've had headaches off and on, mostly on for like a week due to my jaw clenching. I got all the cluster effect orders completed and in the mail yesterday. This leaves me free, theoretically, to create new pieces, but I still have at least a dozen pieces to make that sold during the holiday season. Unfortunately most of those are more time consuming projects that means I still can't make anything new if I want to get those done.

I bought these great lamp worked beads back in November from formfireglassworks's shop with the intention of framing them in tatted necklaces similar to the ones I did with AlwaysAmy's pendants. The are still sitting in their package unused. I think I might just buck the remaking work in favor of making something with one of them. I had a bit of an idea this morning that I'm sure to lose if I wait too long to try it out.

Yes, I think that is what I will do on this rainy day. I will try and create something new. Of course that means after I finish the new piece, I will have to take pictures and make up a listing. I haven't done any of those things in months. I hope I remember how. I better get on it before someone orders another custom mask or something.


Diana said...

I sure hope your headache has left by now! Awful, awful. Have you been prescribed something to offset the jaw clenching? Have you tried sucking lemon drops? They helped when I quit smoking. I also gained 15 pounds though. :P

I love the new design you came up with today! It's absolutely gorgeous. I love the way it hangs.

Incidentally, and speaking of weight: I'm on a weight loss kick right now, trying to shave the baby weight after 5 pregnancies in 4 years. How this relates to you is that I've promised myself one of your necklaces as a reward when I hit ten pounds. Let's hope you see me purchase soon. :)


TotusMel said...

Thanks! I'm working through the clenching sans help for now, but I DO like lemon drops!

Good luck w/the weight loss, I'm rooting for you!