Thursday, December 10, 2015

Work and Hope

I had a lovely, busy day yesterday. I finished the necklace I was working on and started back on the bracelet that I had made just the other day since that one had sold straight away. Then just after schooling there was another, different bracelet sold and I managed to pop that one right in the mail. Remaking that was the rest of my day. Well, that and laundry and dishes and reading.

I've finished all of that though, so I'm starting today with no projects. I mean, I do still have the reading, but the tatting is all caught up with. Oh wait, I just remembered that I still have snowflakes to make up for the shop, I'm fairly certain that it's far too late for them to sell this year, but that will give me something to work on this morning and afternoon while I cross my fingers for another sale. I guess that the plan for today then, work and hope.

Current Etsy Shop Sale: 20% off with the code HOLIDAY20. Code is good through Dec. 13

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