Thursday, December 3, 2015


I'm in a bit of hurry this morning as we have a day long outing for schooling with the kids. We will be on a train trip that ends in Sacramento and visits the Train museum there. It starts very early and ends very late so I imagine that tomorrow's blog post will be as brief and uneventful as this one.

Yesterday saw no sales in the shop, but I still haven't finished the bracelet I needed to remake from the last sale I got. I'll probably take that on the train with me, or maybe some slightly mindless crochet. I haven't decided yet, though I don't have much time to do so. In fact as I clearly have nothing of consequence to share, I think I'll just leave this here and hope that something fantastic will happen while I'm out of the house.What, it could happen.

Current Etsy Shop Sale: 25% off with the code HOLIDAY25. Code is good through Nov. 6

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