Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I got in lots of reading yesterday, but just a little tatting. I didn't even manage to finish the necklace I was remaking. To be fair it is a denser design and it does take more time than many of my other pieces. Really though, I was just sucked into the novel and had a hard time focusing on doing both at once. I did take a television break at one point and sped through more tatting, but then I was back to reading when the shows were over.

Today we'll be out of town for much of the day starting at an ungodly hour this morning. This is why I'm writing at an even earlier hour than usual. I'll likely bring this necklace to work on once the sun is up, but I have no illusions about actually finishing it. I generally don't get anything done in the car, too distracting. Hopefully I'll get some sales while I'm gone so I'll have something to work on tomorrow. If not, I have four more books in the series to get through. Though reading does make for short and boring blog posts.

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