Friday, December 4, 2015


I am exhausted. We had a wonderful day though. We took the train to Sacramento then the  group had free time to do whatever we wanted before we were to meet at the train museum. We opted to visit the Crocker Art Museum. It was the kids first visit to a proper art museum and it was pretty nice. Though really we ended up having neither the time nor the energy to take it all in. It turned out to be much larger than it had at first appeared and the children also enjoyed it more than I think they thought they would.

Then we hoofed it through Old Town, had lunch, shopped a little, then it was onto the second museum of the day, The California State Railroad Museum. This entailed much more walking. We'd been there before so it we found the few new things to entertain us.

Finally it was another walk to the train station and a train ride home. We were out of the house for over 12 hours and I think we all almost collapsed into bed when we got home. I did manage to crochet a little on the train, but I got around to no tatting. This means I start today with a bracelet to finish. Good thing too because there were no new orders while we were gone. I'm hoping that the weekend picks up some more, but if not I may just use the time to rest a bit.

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