Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Yesterday started out one of my favorite ways, with a sale in my etsy shop. It wasn't anything huge, but it gave me a purpose for the day. It was a pair of my tatted chain earrings that I call The Twenty. So I spent some of my morning remaking a pair for the shop. Of course that was in between the cleaning, laundry and dishes of the morning. When I was done I had an idea that solved my 'tatting without running out of thread' problem that I mentioned yesterday.

I decided to make colored chain earrings. In fact I made three pairs because I was having a good time.  I originally used this technique to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets with them back in early 2012. I think I made them after I played with chainmaille tatting and managed a scarf with it, but I digress.

I still have a couple of colorways I want to do, blues, pinks and browns. I'm not a huge fan of the ombré trend, but I love how these turned out and it lets me use my stash of colors without too much black. So  that's what I'll get up to today. I'll do the other colorways I can find and then get them listed in the shop and hope that other people like it enough to buy them. Now I'm wondering if I should do the bracelets or necklaces this way as well? At least I have something in the queue to get up to right?

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God's Kid said...

Those are wonderful!!! :)