Thursday, June 26, 2014

Still Working

It was almost back to normal yesterday. We still all felt a little off I think, so instead of starting back into our summer routine, I just let the kids run a bit wild. I'm hoping we can settle back into it today, but that might not be wise either since the husband is off work tomorrow and that will just tilt it out of whack again. Okay, I guess we'll save routine until Monday and call the whole week a wash.

I did get some tatting in amongst all the cleaning though. Initially I was just going to throw the three motifs on a chain and call it a necklace, but I decided to make it more complex. This picture here is the first attempt at that complexity, adding a triangle to the sides. However, I miscalculated the adjustments needed and it ended up a bit big and not quite right.

This is the second attempt on the left and as you might guess, this is the one I'm going to stick with. I really like the shape I got here. Now the bigger questions start to fly. Do I just hang this on a chain, or do I keep working more squares to make it a thick choker? I'm also looking at it as the base of a slave bracelet. I thought regular bracelet at first, but the point would keep flipping up while being worn and finger loop would solve that. Then there's the question of what else I can do with it?

So I suppose today I shall contemplate all these questions as well as work with the tiny pendant idea made from just the first round. At least I have plenty of things to think about today even if I don't have my precious routine back.

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God's Kid said...

Awesome design!!! :)