Friday, June 27, 2014

Tiny Motifs

Rather than spend time trying to figure out the larger pieces I'm making with the motif, I spent the day working on the small one. Initially I was going to bead the long picots, but I decided they look better in black as part of the structural design, if that makes sense. So instead I opted for a standard, bead the picots, plan.

A couple of folk commented that the beads look a bit cluttered, but honestly I really like that aspect. You know how rarely I use beads, so I guess when I do I like them to really become an element all their own.  As you might have guessed, I then dig through all my supplies to find every color of bead I owned. Joining the last twisted picot with the beads there is slightly more fiddly, but it was worth it.
I've got a listing up in the etsy shop for the pendant now. All the bead options are in one listing.  It's nice and small and I plan on getting a listing up for matching earrings soon, maybe today, or sometime this weekend anyway. Then maybe I'll get back to the larger pieces. Today is the husband's birthday, so it's he has the day off and the plan for the day is all his. The rest of the weekend is pretty plan-less and after all the guests this week, I might just want to enjoy the silence.


God's Kid said...

Fabulous pendants!!! :)

Carolyn said...

I love it! In fact so much so that I had to order one. :-). Honestly I like the way the beads make it pop. I am not generally a fan of beads, but something about this one is awesome.