Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Well That Worked

I'm not a huge fan of the Facebook. I'm there because it was sold as a good place to grow connections. I don't leave because despite how increasing useless it has become with them sending my posts to the smallest percentage of followers possible, there are great, supportive people there. It also occurred to me the my 'fan' page has many new tatters following it. So I used the platform to discuss the recent and not so recent 'copytatting' issues. The best part, besides the productive conversation, was the post was shared 13 times. Now, that might not seem like much, but my posts are rarely shared and this just means that more people I don't even know can understand how that behavior can hurt people. Plus I made a silly graphic for it and I was pretty proud of it. In fact it might end up as a permanent part of my sidebar. You are all free to use it as well...if you want.
While all that was going on I managed to finally get a Woven Rose motif/pendant listed in the shop and one of my very lovely return customers picked one up in Raspberry pink. As much as I personally prefer everything in black, you can really see the woven chains when the piece is in color and it looks so much more intricate.

I listed the pendant as a 'choose your color' listing, so you can get it in any color thread I have. I am also curious how the piece would look in multiple colors. Right now I'm doing the outer rows as one with a split chain, but technically it could be easily done in four rows and thus four colors. I'd try it out today, but I woke up to a custom order for a bracelet.

We're headed to San Diego for a few days starting tomorrow, so that mean no time for experimentation right now. I only have time to do the custom order, pack, set up everything for the cat sitter, my mother and/or brother, clean up, and finish the last day of schooling. It is going to be a long day and if you don't hear from in the next two, have a lovely few days yourselves.

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