Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm Back

I'm back. We had a lovely time down south. We were there with my in-laws for a Military reunion.
While that has made for some interestingly awkward moments for ourselves and the kids, it is mostly a good time in a nice place. I got to visit my brother and sister-in-law who live there in San Diego and we took in the Zoo and the Midway while we were there. It was positively exhausting. Of course we got home to cat messes, full out ant war, laundry, and 105º weather (108º today). I would very much like to go back to 70º's and the beautiful green foliage, but I'm back now.

I didn't pull out my tatting at all during the trip. I guess I was really taking a vacation from my usual. I should have done some in the 7-8 hour car rides, but I was either watching the beautiful world go by or falling asleep after miles of nothing. So today, I do have a set of cat ears to tat up. It was the only thing I sold while I was gone. I had, of course, hoped I would sell lots of things while I was gone to make up for the money we had to spend, but no.

Today the husband is still off work, so I'll try to get some things tatted, but I don't have much faith that anything of consequence will get done. Then tomorrow it's to the business of getting back to normal and finding our new summer groove. Maybe I'll sell lots of things today and mek up for the money we spent. What, I can hope can't I?

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