Friday, November 16, 2012

That Could've Gone Better

Before I laid down last night I was all ready to whine about how poorly my sale pendant fared over the course of the day, I sold only one. Actually I was trying to figure out how to share that information without whining because who wants to read that day after day, but it was still heavy on my mind. Then right after I laid down I got one more sale and I relaxed a bit. Right before I lost consciousness I got one more and that one was a really good sale and I went to sleep much happier with far fewer complaints. I know that it's probably unwise to wrap so much of my self esteem and happiness up in how my shop is fairing, but it's much more than that. It's my own personal economy and we fare only as well as it does at least to a certain point.

There are still three more days to pick up a pendant at the special price for yourself or as a gift or just for the pattern I'll give you if you mention that you want it at checkout. No one asked for it with yesterdays orders and I was a bit bummed because I typed it up all nice with a photo and everything. I swear it almost looks like I knew what I was doing...almost.

Other than all that nonsense there was much laundry and more cleaning. You know the worst part of all the cleaning, besides doing it I mean? No one will notice. The toilets are so clean they look new, I've dusted blinds and deep cleaned carpets, scrubbed the stove, vacuumed everywhere and cleaned window sills and mark my words no one will say a thing. I suppose that's better than people harping on how dirty something is, but it just makes the whole housecleaning ordeal just a thankless task. Oh, well.

So after the late night sales I do have plenty to tat up today. I have a few pendants that need making and that last order also included three other pieces so I  have those to remake as well.  Hopefully there will be plenty more pendant orders to take care of, but most of the rest of the weekend is set aside to finish cleaning and preparing for a week with no school, four house guests, two guest cats and Thanksgiving dinner with nearly 20 people. My blog posts next week might suffer as the week plays out or they might be terribly entertaining full of the ranting of a now crazy person, only time will tell.

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** jess! ** said...

I love the shape! I think it would make a lovely earring! <3