Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Guest Cats

I find it somewhat odd that just adding the task of being social with my house guests, my brother and his wife, left me more tired than usual. Aside from having more people to talk to throughout the day, it was a pretty typical day. I started out getting that last pendant order made so they could all fly off to their owners, then I remade a bracelet for much of the day. Of course I think that perhaps the energy suck was the guest cats who refused to hold still for good photos. They were very adventurous and kept us all on our toes keeping them out of places our cats know better than to tread.

The first one here is Penelope and the one below here is Abigail. They got comfortable fairly quickly, but our cats held their ground upstairs mostly. They came down to eat and check things out a bit, but mostly holed up in our bedroom preferring to claim the upstairs over reclaiming the downstairs from the new cats who were happy to wander.

There has been plenty of hissing and posturing, but no violence...thus far anyway and the children are having quite a time making friends with the guest cats. It will definitely be interesting to see how these relationships develop over the course of the week and then of course they'll be gone and our cats will be terribly confused over what we just put them through.

Toward the end of the afternoon once all my remaking was done I decided to go ahead and making a matching pair of the pendant design and turn them into earrings. I posted them on Facebook and a few people noted that they would prefer them smaller. I think they're a good size myself, but I've never shied away from large earrings. The plan was to get them listed today with the option of making them in any color. Now I'm also wondering if I shouldn't also make a small version to list. I don't have nearly as making colors on hand in size 20 thread, but I have enough that I could do it. Question is would it be confusing to have a large and small version of the same design? I couldn't put them in the same listing because of the colors unless I only had the colors listed that I have on hand in both sizes. Ugh, I'll figure it out I guess.

Aside from the earrings I'm as caught up with the shop as I plan on getting. There are still a few pieces that I have yet to remake, but they're bigger ones and I don't feel up to tackling them yet. I'm also expecting one more house guest sometime today, my Grandfather, so the kids are getting kicked out of their room for a few days, not that they actually care. I'm expecting one more either late today or tomorrow, my other brother, but he has chosen to crash on a couch. The point is that it's going to get crazy up in here and I'm already tired. What a week.


Anonymous said...

About the earring size: I don't think it's a problem to have 2 different sizes. I don't usually wear earrings but when I do I like smaller ones so I can see why some people might also.

About the cats: When you said you were having cat guests too I was trying to figure out how many that would make, total - 7 or 8? That's a lot of cats. With all the humans there too that's a lot of activity. No wonder you're tired! I hope you get through this holiday with as little stress as possible.

TotusMel said...

@Meg Thanks for the earring feedback! And with the guest cats that makes 8...it's definitely busy.

** jess! ** said...

The earrings are so pretty! :o)