Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Off

Yesterday started out so calm, quiet and annoying. Not any special kind of annoying, but the kind that comes with a Monday after a holiday where the kids are being squirrely and not getting their school work done. There were many sibling battles and I just retreated into thread once school was wrapped. I had one custom order to complete and then I decided to take a look at last years November sales to see if I could infer a pattern from the holiday sales. I wanted to see if there was in fact something I should be making more of at this point. My research was inconclusive, but looking at some of my old one of a kind pieces inspired me to dig through my random bits and make up something nice.

It's actually quite sparse on the tatting, but folks seemed to like it. I used the last of my copper chain and the only three copper feathers I had so yes, it's another one of a kind and I am going to try to get it listed later today. Hopefully it finds a home quickly.

As of bedtime last night I was prepared to just play some more today with random bits when my sale notification went off on my phone. It makes a ch-ching noise that I've become quite fond of. Anyway, I heard that noise a few more times during the night. I've no idea where all these people came from all of a sudden. It's even more confusing because of the lack of views the shop has gotten over the last week. I'm not complaining, just commenting on the unexplained. So today I have a few pieces that will need remaking which feels really good to say and I'll hopefully get this necklace listed as well as the one linen necklace I got make eons ago that never got listed. Well, that's quite a list for today and I'm feeling pretty good about that.

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God's Kid said...

Very beautiful!! :)