Wednesday, April 4, 2012


What a day, what a day. We left the house around a quarter to nine and returned nearly twelve hours later. I think a 'yikes' is in order. What did we do all that time? Well the day started out with me and oldest going to the STAR testing where I was roped into being hall monitor. Luckily, I had brought my needle and thread, so while she tested I sat and tatted. Interesting side note here, only the boys asked what I was doing and the teenage boys were the most interested. Weird, right? The girls just told me they liked my hair.

While we did that, the youngest daughter spent the first part of the day with daddy. Part of their trip included shipping off the pendant packages for me. Doesn't she look helpful! Then they shopped a little while waiting for us to finish testing. As soon as the oldest was done,  it was off to lunch and then on the road to Fresno, to visit the zoo. When we arrived there we were quickly reminded that it was Spring break for many kids as we had to park like a mile away from the entrance and hike to it.

We spent a few hours at the zoo which included taking in the bird show and a lot more walking. Then it was back in the car and to the toy store where the child was treated to a balloon, crown and many strangers wishing her a happy birthday as she spent her birthday money. Then it was back to our little city, but our adventures were not done. We went out to dinner with the compulsory staff birthday song and then to the comic book shop for a little Avengers vs. X-Men release event. I'm not certain that the children really cared about that part, but we did get more birthday wishes for the child and she got a DC Super Pets book as a present.

That takes us back home when the girls insisted that they be allowed to play some Dungeon Defenders before bed while I caught up on a days worth of emails and whatnot. It was an action packed day and my feet hurt, but the fifth birthday was a rousing success for the one person who really counts.

Today, it's back to STAR testing for us, only this time I have to bring both children and entertain the youngest for three hours while her sister tests. I also got a custom mask order while I was out yesterday that should be attended to, so we're going to see if I can tat a mask while entertaining a child and watching the halls for errant kids. At least this time, when we're done we'll go back home and rest. Then it's just a few more day until the birthday party, Easter and Spring break for us which means more adventuring. I miss when Spring break meant sleeping in and not getting dressed everyday. Oh, can't go back.


** jess! ** said...

I'm glad your baby had a good birthday!

that_rat said...

We had fun and she was such a helper!

Tj said...

I can't wait to get my pendant and I might add your assistant looks very efficient!