Friday, April 27, 2012


Again, I managed to have a day where I was fairly productive and boring all at the same time. I started off with the pile of things that need remaking and got a whole piece done before noon. This is when I decided that I really needed to buckle down and go through my thread like I keep saying I should. I went and pulled out my three big thread tubs and went through both them and the two other storage boxes that hold thread in the living room. Then, and I know this is shocking to hear two days in a row, I wrote everything down. Okay, not everything. I do still have tons of, we'll go with lower quality thread that I generally don't use unless the color is required and I don't have it in Lizbeth. Those I didn't count since I don't plan on ever replacing them if I run out. Then I made a thread order, a large, unwieldy thread order.

At lunch I went out to get the mail and was pleasantly surprised to have received the order of veiling I made on Monday. This meant I could indeed finish the veil I had promised to have done and in the mail by the end of the week. It really does pay to under promise and over deliver. These little supply setbacks can't hurt you if you plan for their possibility. So that is now done and in the mail this morning leaving my order queue empty and just the remaking on my plate. Speaking of the remaking, I also got my finding order in yesterday as well. Of course as soon as it did arrive I realized that I had in fact forgotten to order one thing that I will need shortly and so I'll probably be making another order sooner than I'd really like, but that's life.

I still have quite a few pieces to remake and then I swear I'm getting to the idea I had the other day. It's not terribly awesome or anything, but it's new to me and that's all that really matters. I've been so absent in my other online haunts lately because I have to little to share. A new piece always gives me something to talk about that people with engage with me over and that's really overdue. So hopefully by Monday there will be something to talk about.

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Vicky said...

Do you have pictures of the veil? I've been thinking of tatting an edging for my wedding veil, if I can find the time (I'm a sloooow tatter), and I'd love to see what you came up with as some inspiration!