Thursday, April 5, 2012


Again I start the day tired, only I'm not certain that I have nay real reason to be so. Yesterday morning was spent sitting in a hallway tatting while the youngest did a superb job of entertaining herself. Testing went much faster for the oldest on day two so we were back home well before lunch. As a bonus I managed to get much of a mask order tatted up while we were there.

Of course I didn't finish the mask until much later in the day and since it's the one that I stiffen with fa-brick it had an overnight drying session as well. There's a slight chance it will be in the mail today, but more likely tomorrow. I also fielded quite a few inquires on etsy yesterday one of which encouraged me to get back to remaking and to stop stalling on that. Who knows if the inquires will turn into sales in the end, but either way it would be wise to stay on task.

Other than that there is of course more cleaning for the upcoming weekend full of guests and following that is Spring break for the child and the husband decided to take it off as well. This means that my days will likely be full of unexpected adventures and tatting will have to sneak in when it can. That is another reason to stay on task the rest of the week and get as much of the needed remaking out of the way before I can't for a while. Well, I guess that's it for this morning...crap, I think I have a sore throat. Let's just cross our fingers that it's just a morning thing, okay.

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