Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Wrote It Down

Well I was slightly more useful yesterday than the previous day. I got straight to work on measuring the chain lengths of the sold back drop necklace. Then...I wrote them down. I even went so far as to note the number of chains of each length as well as the number of beads, their locations and type. In fact I was thorough enough that I packed up the sold necklace and had it out the door by noon and recreated the necklace without it here. I realize this may not seem like an actual achievement, but I'm still pretty proud of myself. Of course I have literally dozens of other pieces that I remake by copying prototypes and looking at my old pictures and I keep saying that one day I'll write them all down. I know that I won't. It will take a separate necessitating event for each one to be done, but at least I know I can when I need to.

I still have half a dozen pieces to remake for the shop and of course they are all good sized pieces so I seem to be getting them done one a day, which is frustrating since I want to be doing something else. I'd stop remaking, but they all all pieces that sell fairly well and it is in my best interest to have them listed again as soon as possible. It's funny, as much as I enjoy making one of a kind pieces, they sell so slowly compared to my more repeatable pieces. I'm starting to think I might have to stop making so many of them and make the ones I do list, limited listings that just disappear after a time if they don't sell. I'm just thinking out loud here though, none of this has been thought out and is unlikely to become an actual plan.

I think that's it for me this morning. I'll likely be boring as long as I'm still remaking unless some outside force causes something interesting to happen that I want to share. So until that happens, I apologize for the dullness.

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jenilin said...

I'm glad it's just a thought your ooak have been real inspiration pieces that have led to a lot of new creativity. Plus selling a 400 mask had to feel great and that stayed in the shop for quite a while!!!