Monday, April 2, 2012


Happy Monday morning all. Well, I think that the International Tatting Day pendant sale was a rousing success. Thiry-one pendants were sold and since I worked on them steadily throughout the day, I only have the overnight sales left to make before I can send the whole lot off to new homes. Even though I recognized quite a few of the customers, there were also plenty of new names which makes me particularly happy, since the whole point was to share tatting with new people and possibly hear less of that old standby comment, 'it's a lost/dying art'.

I did also manage quite a bit of cleaning early in the weekend, so now the challenge is to keep he house clean through next weekend. We have that birthday party to host and then there's Easter which means there will be ham. Sometimes I think holidays are solely an excuse for food and candy and when I say sometimes, what I really mean is I am certain of it. We also made a nice trip to a friends house over the weekend that lasted a bit longer than planned though it's pleasant to see how good the kids can behave when things don't go according to plan.

So back to tatting then, obviously I have quite a stack of things to finish up today and I honestly haven't thought beyond yesterday's event at all. I did begin it with at least a couple pieces that I wanted to remake still sitting in the queue, so I guess it's back to that when I finish this. Aside from that we have a long day of schooling planned today and tomorrow is the oldest daughter's first state testing. It is possible that I am more nervous than she is and I suppose that's a good thing too. Now it's time to take a deep breath and start a new week.

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Donnelly said...

I received my pendant in the mail yesterday afternoon, it is lovely!