Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Another Useless Gift(revisited) by Luke Cheh

I was next to useless yesterday for no apparent reason. Sure, I got schooling done and I even managed a little cleaning, but I only managed to tat up one The first piece I wanted to remake sent me digging through my supplies for gears and when I didn't find enough in my stash, I spent a half an hour looking online for some so I could remake it. Of course they need to be a certain size which I was lucky to find as a set once, but no longer. Once I did find an assortment that would serve my needs I'd already wasted much time in the pursuit.

This was the point where I finally decided on a piece to remake and got some work done, but I was hopelessly distracted by another idea. Of course I still have too many things to get done before I can settle down and work on said idea, so I'm running it over in my head to make sure it's a solid idea and won't fade away before I get time to work on it. Yes, I am aware I could just write it down. You should know by now that I won't do that. I am lazy and a wee bit stubborn.

So today starts with getting a backdrop necklace made up so that I can ship one that just sold. I should really make two so I can stop the panicked copying that I do when one sells. I have prototypes on hand of the lace, but I haven't written down any of the chain measurements so they can easily be remade. Yes, I see we're back to my 'writing things down' problem already. Okay, just this once, I will write down the measurements before I ship the piece. Oh, I fear it's going to be another useless day.

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jenilin said...

Get a great artists journal book u need it!!!