Thursday, April 19, 2012

6th Etsyversary

I went back through my old anniversary posts yesterday trying to come to a decision about how to 'celebrate' this year. What I discovered was both sad and amusing. It seems I stress on this every year sometimes leaning toward a big hoopla and sometimes letting it pass barely noticed. So at the end of my trip down memory lane, I still wasn't certain which direction I felt like going in. I mean it is an anniversary of what was a pretty important decision, one that literally changed my life and precipitated my development as a tatter. Without my etsy shop most, if not all of my creations never would have been made because there would have been little reason to make that much stuff. On the other hand as I have no intention of stopping now, it really is just another day in a long line of them to come and maybe I should keep the big celebrations for the significant ones. As this is the sixth, it really doesn't cause much excitement so I settled for small acknowledgement.

The first thing I did was remake one of the first pieces I sold on etsy, It was one of the first that demonstrated any originality at all. Prior to this they were just a few flowers put together as a bracelet or an edging worked into a choker. While this doesn't show a whole lot of deviation from that, it was a baby step that would eventually lead to much grander thoughts. But I digress, I remade the piece with some minor changes and just one is listed today at the price I sold the first one for. I have since come to better understand pricing, so honestly this is a little painful. I figure I can just one like this.

As a small token of my appreciation there is also a coupon code for today only. You can use the code Anniversary6 for 16% off. Six percent seemed too little and twenty-six was pushing it, so I settled in the middle with the six theme. The code is good today only and everyone who uses the code to make a purchase will get a free surprise gift with purchase. That is my celebration of my 6th Etsyversary. Thank you so much for your continued support.


** jess! ** said...

Woohoo! Congratulations! (Imagine confetti and streamers)
wow, 6 years, that's really impressive! :o)

Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...


Ms Jamie said...

Congratulations,on not only your six year mile stone marker. I have been out here reading your blog for about a year.You have made me smile laugh and understand that all artistic people go through the ups and down. You are brave to put it all out there as you do.Many happy returns Pam.

jenilin said...

Happy sixth and thank you for making me a person who can tell people I have a favorite artist!!!!!

jenilin said...

Happy sixth and thank you for making me a person who can tell people I have a favorite artist!!!!!