Monday, November 9, 2009

Xerces Blue

I am a tatting machine lately. First, I got all those ordered pieces worked up. They were ones I can really do in my sleep, having remade them quite a bit, though they are larger pieces. Then I set about making a couple more of the new gray quadra bracelets only to realize that I did not order any more of the black swarovski rounds at their centers, so I'll need to get that done soon or no more of those bracelets. By Sunday I was fiending for something new to make that I could get done quickly, so I opted for a bracelet based on the same motif as the fringe arm band, but without the fringe. I used some of the hand dyed purple and came up with a new piece.

I had a fun little jaunt using my twitter friend to help my name this one too. Each motif looks a tiny bit like a butterfly, so after some help and a wikipedia search, I came up with 'Xerces Blue' which is an extinct purple butterfly with a nice rounded wing. Of course if I make the design in other colors it won't make as much sense, but I still love the name.

After I was done with that for the afternoon, I busted out some black bamboo blend yarn and began work on another Art Deco scarf. We all know how long it will take me to finish that, so no breath holding anyone. I do have enough yarn to make another in the same purple wool as the last one, so I may just relist that as a custom piece today just to have the option up, but I was more interested in seeing how this bamboo yarn turns out. So far, it's much more, um, solid I guess. We'll see anyway won't we? I've got this feeling that I've a rather long week ahead of me though I've no good reason to think that. I want to keep tatting and get as much done as I can hoping that it will result in a nice self fulfilling prophecy of holiday sales running amok. I can dream can't I?

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