Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Carry On

The seas calm calmed a bit as I have chosen to focus less on the back steps and just keep swimming. I've been hard at work getting stock up and will continue to do so. When things that have been on order do finally arrive, I will just move in that direction. It is of course maddening to have so many projects waiting on the mailman. Not to mention the sudden realization that Thanksgiving is next week and there is much house cleaning that must occur before that holiday arrives and my house fills with relatives to the ceiling.

Honestly that is about it for me lately. I've got the homeschooling thing pretty much down, though we a having a rough patch with the whole phonics things. We're having a run of doctor appointments lately that are ever so much fun...though I thank my lucky starts that these are just eye and dentist visits and not ones associated with illness...knock on wood. It is of course getting colder and we're discovering new things about the new house in winter, there's a mice in the walls and we have just discovered how to use the gas fireplace thing. We've done most of the holiday shopping for the children, though we haven't even started on the adults yet. We will probably end up copping out and letting the gift certificates rain down on everyone, but who knows.

Sales in the etsy shop have been consistent if not brisk, so I can't complain much. I'm hoping for an acceleration after Thanksgiving so I can justify all the gift buying that needs...okay not needs, but that we going to do. I'll keep up the facebook sale for a spell especially since my last three sales were because of that event. I don't know if that will continue, but I would have been without sales had I not done it, so it's a win for now. For having nothing more to say, I seem to have babbled quite a bit, so i'll leave it now and get to some more tatting.

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