Friday, November 20, 2009


See now, I fully intended to start on all that tatting link business yesterday, but I completely spaced on it. I knew it was wise to say that it would happen in the coming weeks. There is just so many little things piling up around me. Yesterday we had the dental appointments, followed by impromptu shopping for dishes. Of course we got home and found a broken plate, so back those go, but at least we know which ones we like. Then there was the Michaels trip where we got to see the line outside the movie theater for the twilight movie...I laughed so hard and...well, loud. I felt mean for a minute, but man, funny.

Off the comedy for a moment though and back to the Michaels trip. I saw on the front page of etsy last week a silver bracelet made from crocheted lace. It was stunning and ridiculously expensive. I had always thought about making my tatting into metal or clay or something more, well, solid, but it seemed prohibitively difficult. I've no metal working knowledge, but from what I've read, lost wax casting something as delicate as lace is nigh on impossible. I inquired with the seller as to her methods and though she held on to her trade secrets, and I don't blame her, she got me thinking hard about a way to make this happen again. So after Internet searching, I think I've acquired a method to try. I won't give away much just in case I've stumbled upon my own trade secret, but I have supplies and in the coming weeks (see what I did there) I plan on giving it a go. The chance of failure is of course high, but it's certainly worth an attempt.

That of course isn't happening today as I have tatting and cleaning for a dining room table arriving tomorrow. The facebook sale that I put up today will last through the weekend so I can not have to deal with it then as I'm sure there will be much to do for the impending holiday. Sometimes I wonder why we offer to host these crazy event. Oh, that's right, so we don't have to go anywhere and of course we have the 'big' house.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that bracelet is beautiful. I wonder what kind of method she uses. I've seen casting using green sand and another method called the lost wax method but, with the ammount of detail that she has I don't think she uses either of those... I can see how she is getting so much for stuff though, metal casting looks rather dangerous and some what expensive.

Sewicked said...

good luck. I'd say more but I have confidence in your abilities.