Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Again yesterday I was charged with babysitting my niece of the broken foot. While the first go round was pleasant and calm, apparently a weekend at her fathers house got her all crazy like and it was impossible to get her and my children to slow down. So I wrote off school for the morning and tatted instead. First I managed to create enough small pieces to get my listed items up to 100. This was of course a pointless endeavor as I actually want to sell things, so the number hopefully will drop soon. It was still something to work forward to, so in that respect, job well done.

Next up was the first day of my item a day facebook sale. I chose one of the selected items and put it on sale for $10 off. I suppose you could count that as a success as I did sell two of the sale item. Only time will tell how long it will be worth the effort. My original plan was to extend the sale a day through the holidays. but I can't imagine that just 150 people are going to buy at least one thing a day for the next month and a half. So, I guess we'll just see how it goes.

Oh, and to add to yesterdays tatting tragedy, you know where I ran out of yarn, I had an important package of supplies returned to sender as undeliverable. Of course said package was chock full of things I needed, oh, yesterday. Sure I could order more, but them when I do get this package I'll have too much and I'd still have to wait for that package. I might just head over to Michaels and overpay for a small amount of the rings, but I really don't want to. I know, stubbornness is not attractive. Again, oh, well.

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