Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And Here We Go Again

Oh my dear friends and anonymous readers, I have been informed that I am in point of fact, mentally unstable...yes, it's true. I can be...wait for it, defensive when attacked, self conscious and even occasionally proud of my hard earned skills. I have also been informed that many of the people I have been fortunate to call friends are actually a childish mob who defend me even when they are not actually emailed to do so.

Apparently after I finished venting and letting the issues of the weekend go, someone else chose to pick a fight. Perhaps they have far too much time on theirs hands, perhaps they haven't found the right video game on which to unleash their aggression. I really couldn't say. In fact, they could be a perfectly reasonable human being in real life. Who's to say If you have no idea why I'm being so odd this morning, please feel free to read the comments of Mondays post, but don't bother feeding the troll. I have sadly had to enable comment moderation to avoid having a public argument with someone I don't even know.

I don't even really know what else to say about the whole thing. It just seems ridiculous at this point. What kind of person goes to a new blog and then almost immediately attacks the writer? It just seems like a waste of time. Look around, you don't like it, you leave and never bother again, right? Oh, look at me I'm being all mentally unstable again. My initial problem has been handle in the way I chose to handle it. I'd like to again say thank you to all the members of my "childish" or "kiddie" mob. You make me feel all safe and warm...kind of like friends. For all of you bothered or made uncomfortable by all this business, I truly apologize. I didn't like to engage in playground battles as a child and it's a shame I was dragged into one here where all I really like to do is create, share and occasionally vent to a sympathetic ear.

I'm going to go back to tatting now and spending the day with my family and living a contented and fulfilled life.


Poppys Wicked Garden said...

Oh Noooo! Please everyone don't get into fights for us artists, it only ends up making things worse.
Pam, I hope you can just relax this holiday and forget (at least somewhat) all of this with some yummy pumpkin pie and your family:) ::hugs:: and a toast to no more drama(well no more than usual atleast)

Kristen said...

Wow, I'm sorry that you're having to deal with that crap; people almost-copying your designs and blog-trolls, both.

I'll happily join in Poppys Wicked Garden's toast to a lovely holiday without internet drama!

Good luck, TotusMel.

Anonymous said...

If that person is the reseller, they're doing themselves no favors.

Although it's easier said that done, don't let 'em get you down. You've handled yourself with incredible grace and patience for what happened, and if your friends have come out of the woodwork to defend you, well, that's what friends are for.

Have a great holiday and enjoy your tatting.

AG, aka Ms. Whimsy Beading

Summer said...

Just another member of your childish mob extending support and hugs (if you're the hugging sort;-)). I didn't comment on the other post because all I could say was the person was an idiot - which seemed like stating the obvious. Enjoy the holiday!

. c h o k l i t . said...

I'll be in your childish mob! And I also vote for a drama-free holiday ~ both on and off the internets. No more trolls!

xoxoxoxo said...

Conflict sucks but sometimes you have to point out squidgy behaviour. Have a good holiday!

Anonymous said...

I read a wonderful book called "How to win any argument" without coming to blows etc etc etc.

My belief is that everyone is identical. We all have a human heart that wants to love and be loved. We all have a knapsack of insecurities on our back, a suitcase full of 'baggage' from the past, and one hand clenched tightly trying to hold it all together.

I believe we are sensual human beings here simply to experience our senses. We look for ways to 'feel' good.

When a person attacks another it is from a place of not feeling good. Not feeling good about themselves, their lives, their world. We like to delude ourselves that we have control of anything. We do not. When our world seems spiralling out of control, we seek to 'push anothers buttons' to 'get their goat' in an effort to feel like we have control over something and feel like we have power.

In the world I live in purposefully pushing someones buttons or getting their goat for no other reason than that one can do so is tantamount to verbal rape. It is done with no regard to anothers mental/physical/spiritual/emotional health.

I know people who criticise me are criticising themselves. I know they are like little children so frightened of this world around them. I seek to shine my love upon all, I seek to find words as best I can to lift them up like a forklift. Some need most of all to replied to by silence. Sometimes I have written emails in the past and wished I could go back in time and not hit send but hit delete. Fortunately I have been responded to with silence and left to stew upon myself thus they present no future target. If one does not respond then the attackers get no satisfaction it is as if they are ignored and thus unimportant and thus diminished by the attack.

Look to those you like and more of us will come into your life. Dismiss the rest as poor souls in trouble and while you are to young to yet understand them, one day you will.

All my love, just keep on keepin on, Brenda

Pamela said...

Childish-Mob rules!!!!!! Hugs to you, P, and :P to the troll!!!