Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap

The weekend wasn't very productive, but I did get an order in for a bracelet that needed making so I had that to do at least. I've only made this piece maybe twice before and I couldn't initially figure out how I did it. Yes, I'm aware how sad that sounds. Eventually I remembered and got it done in the requested brass beads. I actually like it better with them, but these represent the last of those beads I have on hand. I might finally order some new supplies before the holidays get here, but sales continue to be painfully few and far between, so it will likely just be absolute necessities when I do.

I also missed the closing ceremonies yesterday which apparently had a tribute to the lace making of Brazil, which if I'm guessing right, looks like a form of bobbin lace. Almost makes me want to bust out my bobbins again, not quite though. They turned out to be too cumbersome a process for me to really enjoy. I prefer the simplicity of creating with just a needle and thread. It certainly is lovely to see giant lace on the world stage though.