Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Back To Work

It was nice to have projects all day long yesterday. In fact, I only got to touch the Armenian lace doily after dinner. Even then I wasn't even able to finish a whole round. The day started making a custom length bracelet in linen thread. I like the way the linen works up , with a bit of a unfinished look to it, but it can be a pain to work with. It's got such an inconsistent width and it's peppered with little lumps that I can sometimes fix, but not always.

After that it was onto remaking my hybrid lace bracelet. Originally the customer had requested it in anther color, but then settled on the original. Since it was the first one I sold, I needed to remake it with the original here to make sure I had the design right. I can do it from picture, but it's so much easier with the piece in my hand.

The last one for the day I didn't take a picture of. It was a wide tatted bracelet. Again, it was originally suppose to be a custom piece, but the customer opted for the original length. Since I sold it as a custom with the original still listed, I needed to remake it quickly or take it out of the shop. Luckily I was working quite quickly yesterday and I managed to get that remade as well.

Today I have nothing left in queue, so I should be able to finish the gray Armenian lace doily. Of course once that's done I'll need to come up with a new side project to keep me busy. Maybe it's already time to start thinking about holiday gifts that I could be making. Maybe not...I'll think of something.

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