Friday, August 5, 2016

Two Days

Sorry that I didn't write yesterday morning. My computer didn't want to play nice with our internet connection. It was fixed later in the morning, but my routine had already been upended so I didn't bother. That just means that you get two pictures of Armenian lace progress, the one from Wednesday and the one from yesterday. Wednesday I was still working it with the same basic repeating design.

Yesterday I decided that it was getting unwieldy at the long loops and it was best to revert to small loop rounds to strengthen the piece. After a few rounds of those I'm changing it up again. Initially I was going to repeat the design at the center, but the spacing won't work right, so I'm just winging it again and hoping that I have developed enough of an instinct with the knotting to not screw it up entirely at this point. It's at about 18cm right now and I'm already running low on thread so I'm not sure how big it'll grow before I have to call it finished. I'm pretty pleased with it so far though, so whenever that it should be fine.

One last thing, thank you for the comments regarding teaching this skill. I'm still a little wary as my information on the background of Armenian lace is so thin, but I suppose that's not the most important bit. Maybe I'll get up the courage when this one is done to do a basic tutorial. I'll just think on it some more I guess.

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Madtatter80 said...

your work is perfect love to see this design!