Wednesday, August 10, 2016


All done. It took much more of the day than I had anticipated to finish, but the gray Armenian lace piece is now finished. It measures just over 27cm which makes it just a touch smaller than the purple one. I've pretty much accepted that I could never come up with a reasonable price point for these that would come close to how much labor is put into them. Instead I think they might be the beginning of holiday gifts after all. I'm starting to think a nice shadow box frame should work to make them gift-able.

I was worried about what I was going to start on today, but I woke up to another small custom order. That should at least take care of this morning. Then I suppose I'll try to decide what colors would fit what people in my life to make more of these doilies. I also hope I have enough design ideas to make each one unique. Of course this idea is still brand new in my head so it could still die a painless death. I'm not really certain that anyone I know would actually want one as a gift. I suppose I could ask, but that's always awkward. Oh well, I have tatting to do today. I'll worry on it later.


Denise - Jewelry By Denise said...

Yeah it's tough to make things as gifts. I like to as well but feel like it's never 'enough' to just gift something handmade, regardless of the item or how much time and work it took. My mom is of the thinking that she can buy some jewelry super cheap on clearance so mine isn't worth much more. I just give up on making anything for her. (Is it sad that at age 34, I'm still looking for validation from her?!) Anyway, I just know if I was related to you, I'd love whatever you gave me. I hope you're family is much more appreciative of hand made gifts. Hoping the universe sends you more inspiration and work than you can handle! :)

SWtrompeter said...

Anyone who does needlework or creates something by hand will enjoy the doilies - or anything else you make and give them. Those who depend on buying cheap 'junk' jewelry or cheap machine-made lace won't be too enthusiastic about anything handmade. I've quit gifting people with tatted items if they don't do some sort of needlework or 'hand' work themselves. I'd LOVE anything you made....but I tat and do other kinds of needlework. :-)
*I* think the gray one and the purple one are absolutely gorgeous and anyone who gets one of them should consider it a priceless treasure.....and it should become a family heirloom.

muskaan said...

Absolutely spectacular and very pleasing design ! Difficult to choose a favourite :-)

Maureen said...

I send little tatted things in Christmas and birthday cards to two special friends; neither is crafty at all, but they both enjoy receiving what I make and tell me that they look forward to the gifts each year. That is gratifying for me and it's something I do which brings me pleasure.
I've never made a doily as a gift yet! - but if I were to receive one of yours, I know I would be absolutely thrilled. Why put them in shadow boxes though? - they are meant to be used! Although, now that I think about it, people don't tend to use them so much these days. I do, but I think I am in a minority.