Friday, August 8, 2008

Verbal Vomit

I often think about what I will write here as I go about my early morning routine and if I am at all distracted by anything I will lose my train of thought and sit down in front of the computer with nary a thought. I will race through several topics in my head trying to pin down one that would make a cohesive post. This process has resulted in some of my most passionate posts, unfortunately it has also resulted in pieces of meandering verbal vomit. I really try my hardest, I usually skim through the various forum subjects looking for something that I have an opinion about, but after my treasury stint, I have broken my cycle of forum addiction. I merely visit, lurk for anything important and move on with my day. That is hardly enough time to get worked up about anything.

I've tried posting reviews, but I'm hardly a respected authority on anything so I feel like they are of little use to anyone. I enjoy posting about projects I'm working on, but rarely do I actually get the camera out while I am creating to document the process. I've though of posting tatting patterns for the people who arrive here whilst searching for free tatting patterns and there are quite a few of them, but I'm afraid they would be lost on the vast majority of those who actually read my blog, either they don't tat or if they do, they are plenty talented enough to not need my modest designs.

I'm actually starting to wonder if I shouldn't inject some sort of structure into the blog. You know, like review Friday or vent Wednesday, so at least I know what subject I should write about. I say this, but I'm fairly certain it won't happen. I can't even keep laundry day consistent from week to week. Oooh, while I was writing I just got my google alert and I've been mentioned on the Fashion Me Fabulous blog. Wow, I am rarely surprised by a mention, this one has my Victorian Lace Cuffs posted. Go check it out and leave them comments so I look popular! See, got all distracted and I've completely lost my train of thought. I'll just stop now as I am truly hopeless.


Breanna LaRow said...

I think you need to just set up a schedule. All your ideas are great. Just say Fridays I promote someone else. (etsy picks, interview, review an etsy product you bought) and so on. Put your camera right in the middle of your work area so you can't help by snap off a few pics.

Actually snap TONS of pics and keep them on hand so you can use them later in blog posts to keep your stuff eye catching.

I think you will do just fine you write your posts well even if you go off on a tangent. :D

Kjersti M said...


Just go to say, I loved your stuff.. Truly unique and very cool!

Keep up the good work! :)

PS: I'm thinking about adding your link to my blog, although it is a little off my theme..

Julie D'Arcy said...

Did it at least make you feel better? Did you have someone to electronically hold your hair? (I'm not volunteering or anything, I was just concerned for your keyboard...) I've always thought tatting was a very cool method, and have even dabbled with creating my own new patterns. I use a shuttle, though, as that's how I learned. Do you have a good link (if it's right there on your blog, sorry I'm such a dumb@ss for not seeing it) that explains "needle" tatting?
I just finished writing a blog post this morning if you would like to follow the link from my post--it is difficult to think of useful things to post, isn't it?