Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Another Day

It's another of those blah days. I worked all day yesterday on a second tatted mask to relist and thankfully I finished that. Today, I must attend to my neglected home. You know, all the mundane details, dishes, laundry, kitty litter, feeding and clothing the children. I do have a new idea for another mask, although this one is a little far fetched. I want to use the Art Deco motif that I've made scarfs and chokers from in the past, but it's such a solid shape that I'm not certain that I will be able to adjust it to fit a face properly without warping the design too much.

Of course my design process is being tested by my one year old. See, she has taken to screaming in short bursts to get my attention. This has made any extended thought nearly impossible. I must stop and address said screams immediately or they will not cease and they are not quiet. The continuing war between stay at home mother and creater of objects wages on unabated. Only thier tactics change, but the end result is the same, me with my sanity hanging on by a thread, the house barely presentable and a large portion of my creative ideas lying unfullfilled.

So, here's one more of the pictures from the photo shoot. I love the way my neckpiece stands out in this one, all stark and white! I'm told there are still more coming and I will show them off as I recieve them.
Photos: Silent Shudder Photography / Model/MUA Beaux Deadly / Hat & Styling - Topsy Turvy Design

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Lenox Knits said...

That shot is really stunning. It shows off your work really well!