Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Hat for James

Ah, the calm after the storm. The challenge has ended and it will be quite a while until the next one. If you haven't checked out the winners yet, scroll down, they are awesome! I have a few small projects, but mostly I'm thinking onto the holidays. Is that absolutely ridiculous? I mean, I hate the fact that stores begin stocking for the holidays before the first chills of winter even begin and here I am worried about whether I should be making tatted snowflakes already. I guess I'm becoming part of the problem.

I do want to show you something today that I made. I made this over the weekend, but I didn't want to interrupt the challenge coverage with it. My youngest brother has requested that I make a cap for him using a pattern he had found on flickr, of all places. I dragged out the sewing machine, dusted it off and began to sew something I'd never tried to make before.
I'm pretty proud of myself and I thought I'd show everyone that I'm not just a one trick pony. Of course my brother suggested that I could sell these and it was insanely simple to make, so don't be shocked if I find someway to combine tatting and this hat in the future. I'm adding it to the list of one day projects, you know the ones I'll probably never get around to be will constantly thinking about. It's becoming quite an behemoth at this point and I better get around to something on the list soon, but I almost certainly won't. Oh , well.


lovemaryxoxo said...

Cute cap!

Sarah Dungan said...

Making hats is great fun. I have a Vogue pattern set for various caps if you'd like to borrow it sometime :-)

Jrahn said...

I guarantee that people will want them.
There are only like 3 people out there that make these with quality material. Most are cheap and flimsy. i will definitely be putting you to work on some more of these.