Monday, August 25, 2008

A Mask And Some Hats

So either I severely underestimate my skills or I am just a huge liar. Either way, I have completed my prototype tatted mask. I actually finished it on Friday and took a bunch of pictures. I was so pleased with the way it turned out I didn't even bother putting on my makeup before snapping a few of me wearing it. I say this so you will forgive my appearance in said photos. As I anticipated the person who had made the initial request has decided against the mask, but as I mentioned this project had ceased being about a custom order the second I decided I had to attempt this.

I am already finished with the black version as well, which I will offer up for sale later today. I'm hoping that I will reach the masquerade ball crowd or high end Halloween costume types. As per usual, I am struggling with the pricing for this one especially since it contains more time consuming elements like wrapping the wire around the eyes with thread, I will list with a ballpark price and adjust as i settle in. I sure am glad I opted not to give the perimeter a wire base as I am certain that would have driven me batty. Thankfully it lays nicely without it and is remarkable comfortable. You might also have noticed that I got a bit of a makeover this weekend. I am simply returning to my pre-baby hair. Anyway, after the basic black model, I plan on making one more black one embellished with crystals for an extra fancy look.

Speaking of extra fancy, recently I was approached by Kim of TopsyTurvyDesign to use a couple of my chokers for a photo shoot of her fabulous hats. If you have seen her etsy shop, you know that she has the most spectacular photos and models in her listings. This was not an opportunity that I was going to pass up. So I made up two pieces and sent them to her a month or so ago and I now have the results of the secret alliance. I shall just offer up a couple here today and perhaps I shall dole them out to you in small doses when I've nothing better to share. I'm still trying to decide the most effective way to use them in my listings. She will also be submitting the photos to other sites for publication and the potential exposure for my pieces is really exciting.
Photos: Silent Shudder Photography / Model/MUA Beaux Deadly / Hat & Styling - Topsy Turvy Design


Christopher And Tia said...

That black mask is GORGEOUS.

Jane Eborall said...

This mask is fantastic. I do hope you wrote down exactly how you made it for future reference. GR8 work.

Sarah Dungan said...

I notice that over the weekend you're hair seems to have turned blue ;-) I think you're just trying to blue suspense by giving us all false concern about possible failure, the mask turned out lovely :-)

Those photos are gorgeous. It was worth the effort just to have someone take top class photos like that containing your work!

Gina said...

Your mask turned out beatifully! I did wonder if that middle medallion would be too large, but it was hard to tell seeing it laying flat. Fabulous job!
:-) Gina

TattingChic said...

What an absolutely exquisitely beautiful design. That is something to be very proud of.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

That is very creative.

Waterrose said...

What lovely photos! The black mask is my favorite.

. c h o k l i t . said...

Of course I love the masks... and I'm sooo thrilled to see the beautiful pictures from the TopsyTurvy shoot! Stunning!