Monday, August 11, 2008

There's A Birthday At The End Of This Week

I am not a complicated person. I generally do not act in a way that is contrary to my nature. If I have done something that appears out of character you can be fairly certain that the reasons behind my actions explain them entirely. You see over the weekend I applied and was accepted to a forthcoming online marketplace. I have often said that I am very happy at etsy and I have no plans to diversify my selling experience. This is still true, when this site was mentioned in the forums simple curiosity led me to check it out. The site is called lollishops and it is by far the most sacrin site I've ever seen. Frou frou is not a strong enough term to describe the pink, ruffled bow that is lollishops.

Now, if you know me at all you're wondering why on earth would I, of the black themed blog, be at all interested in the wonderful world of frou frou. Well, the simple answer is, I wouldn't, well not to shop anyway, it's just not my bag. However, as a tatter I have a natural draw to create the doily and the doily does not sell on the etsy. Lollishops aims to fill a niche that the owner feels is left out in the modern, hip bent of etsy, so only folk that can fit in with this niche would benefit at all from joining. All I have to do to fit in is ditch the black thread in favor of a softer palette, which I'm happy to do while continuing my Gothic, Victorian vibe on the etsy. That isn't the reason I applied though. The real, deep down reason that I did it, is that it is a juried site. If you don't know what that means, juried is a fancy way of saying you are being judged and only the people whose work is not only good enough, but also fits the theme or niche will be allowed in.

You see, I have a few, lets say odd habits. One of those is my love of people watching. I sit and watch and analyze and judge people all the time and I often wonder what people think about me as well. Since it is virtually impossible to walk up to strangers and get their honest opinion of you, your work or anything else for that matter, I jump at chances to be virtually judged. I apply for things just to see if I would fit, or if I'm good enough. So this being juried was just another way for me to fish for opinions. I honestly assumed that my black tatting would be rejected, but apparently the frilly frou frou of tatting can not be fully hidden with dark thread and it was clear that a small color change would make me a perfect fit. I'm actually pretty excited to be in on the ground floor of a new site and I've been busy tatting in my new shades so I'll have enough inventory when the site goes live this fall. I added their button the right column near the bottom if you'd like to have a look.

In other news, Friday is my birthday. I'm certain to have a little sale to celebrate, so if you've been waiting for an excuse to shop, there it is. Though at this point birthdays are more reminders of the steady march of time than chances for rampant celebration, if you'd like to send gifts, I'm not adverse to that kind of celebration. I'll let you all know what the sale will be on Thursday so you have a little heads up.

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michelle said...

Happy birthday - mine is Saturday. I'm going to wear the black tatted choker you made so I look fancy.