Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 232nd

I bet you find it odd that I know how old the country is, well I was born in '76 so it would be really sad if I didn't know. This really isn't a big holiday for me, as much as I enjoy blowing things up and eating lots of nearly burnt meat, I just can't get into it. So I thought I'd bring up my Tatting challenge this morning instead.

The deadline for the contest was set at July 31st, so there's still a few weeks left for creation of the pieces and are still a few medallions left if anyone still wants to join in. The entries are already starting to roll in and a few are already listed at etsy and in our flickr group. I am so pleased at what these wonderful artisans are going with my little pieces of tatting. You can see the entries that have already come in at our flickr group. I truly hope that this contest and the future ones that are secretly swirling around in my head give tatting the mainstream attention that I think it deserves.

Well if you live here in the states, have a great holiday, if you don't, feel free to ignore all this 4th of July business ans have a nice weekend!


AngelaMichelle said...

Came across your blog through Etsy. Your tattoo necklaces are gorgeous! Very dramatic. I'll be saving up my pennies :-)

Waterrose said...

My medallion is sitting here reminding me. I have the idea, but have to work on it. We are leaving for Colorado next tuesday and will be gone for a week..hopefully I get it done before we leave, or I'll be busy when we return. I'm not going to look at the others till I have mine finished.