Sunday, July 6, 2008

What A Weekend

What a roller coaster of a weekend! Friday afternoon as I lounged around, waiting for dinner and fireworks, I pulled out my laptop and discovered my Portrait of an Elegant Bride on the front page of Etsy. I watched as the hearts and views poured in during the duration of my stay. What's kind of funny, is that I was actually watching the views on that piece since I recently changed the picture to one of myself wearing the piece. It went from about 600 to almost 1400. That was an amazing rush. Then it got a little weird. On Saturday morning, I awoke to a a handful of sales. I know, why is that weird? Well it's all a little odd for me because until recently I averaged one or two sales a week. I also had a thread at etsy revived for the third day. I've never had a three day thread before. I started to freak out a little and I made a few mental jumps. I thought perhaps this was me taking off, but then I jinxed it, I ordered supplies. Sunday saw no sales, anemic views and basically no attention at all. This allowed me to float gently back to earth. I'm now breathing easy, no longer anxious about an impending fame.

On another note, I'd like you all to visit this site and view the glory that is maintenance mode! This is the site that stole mine and other tatters images in a blatant attempt to sell public domain patterns. I wrote all about it here. I've been watching the site like a hawk since all this occurred and about a week or so it went down. I don't know if we have won the war or just the battle, but since it hasn't come back up yet, I'm cautiously optimistic. The one thing that this drama has taught me, is to be truly proactive about protecting your images. If you missed my cautionary tale, I think it's worth a minute to read. I'd also like to make a public thanks to all the people who banded together to help stop this from happening. I received many emails from the tatting community at eTatters and Here Be Tatters, of which I'm not even a member as well as Lily from SteamTeam at etsy and her many friends that helped out with a guerilla style campaign. So, thanks everyone for taking the time to help stop this thief. I hope that it really worked, but only time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Last week was a good week, Sunday was horrible for me also. I think my shop was invisible. We're in peak wedding season, so it's no wonder your beautiful tatted necklaces are creating a stir!