Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm tired, too tired I'm afraid to come up with something clever or even remotely interesting to write about today. I'm sorry to disappoint all those of you who expect more, but apparently, without the proper amount of rest, I am not a bottomless source of opinion and information. You see, my Grandfather was in town visiting the last couple of days from Utah. The visit created an opportunity for all my family in the area to get together at my house for the evening. While I am always happy to have all my siblings and nieces and nephews visit, this results in six children under the age of 9 running about my house. I became exhausted just watching them and more exhausted convincing them to clean up the enormous mess the 12 handed beast just created.

The mess was cleaned, they all went home, but I am still tired. So very tired. So I'm not feeling clever or even awake this morning. Tomorrow will be another day, in fact tomorrow is the last day for entries for the tatting challenge. I know there are still several left to be entered and I'm antsy to see them all and get some winners for this thing. So if you still need to list your piece, get on it!

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Jrahn said...

Everyone is getting together when we come home to visit...That I can guarantee! I'll help clean up I guess.