Friday, July 11, 2008


Happy Friday everyone! If everything is going according to plan, I imagine that I'm walking through the Monterey Bay Aquarium and allowing my daughters to buy a few too many souvenirs. It's my 10th anniversary and I'm nowhere near a computer, but I thought I would do a sort of Friday Finds post of fishy things so you can see what I'm seeing. First off, we have just a small section of one of my favorite paintings called Childhood by PaynesGrey.

Next we have the plush aquarium by weirdbuglady. I'm thinking that the kids would make much less of a mess with this one!

Then there's the fat penguin from sweetestpea. I've coveted her fat little plush creatures for an eternity.

Well, that should hold you over for a day or so. I know this is far cuter than you might me used to me doing, but I promise that my dark, elegant self will be back on Monday.


Marian said...

Nice finds!
have a nice 10th anniversary!

I found your May post about success and sells in your shop, and I couldnt agree more with what you said.

Have a nice weekend!

BeadedTail said...

Thanks for sharing the Etsy version of the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Happy 10th Anniversary!

Jen (sweetestpea) said...

Thanks so much for featuring my penguins! :)

I hope you recover from your trip to the aquarium.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Happy Anniversary!! The Monterey Bay Aquarium is beyond amazing...hope you had a great visit! Found you in a forum on Etsy..