Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tatting Is Not A Lost Art

The Challenge

With one week to go until the July 31st deadline, I am already thinking about my next challenge. So far, the challenge has gone off without any major malfunctions and I feel like it's already gone a long way to exposing tatting to new eyes. I actually discovered a treasury at etsy full of tatting curated by beadsandpieces and thanks to the pieces already made and listed for the challenge, four of the pieces feature my tatting. While the challenge is certainly not making me any money and it was never intended to do so, it has had the side effect of garnering me some extra exposure.

I will be sending out convos to all the participants of the challenge later today with a deadline reminder and I would love if tons of people would visit the flickr group in the next week to view the entries. I will of course be posting them all here after the deadline as well. I would also love if any other bloggers would mention the challenge and post the winners when they are announced for a little further exposure. I might be tempted to offer a small discount at my store for anyone who takes me up on the posting offer.

As for the next challenge, I will be needing some input before I proceed. Should I start the challenge next month with a deadline in October or should I wait until after the holidays? Should the challenge piece be a square, snowflake, simple edging or should I stick with the medallions? I've also been trying to come up with a way to involve other tatters in the challenge, but so far I'm up coming up with a blank. So any ideas on that front would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance for any opinions and check back for the entries and winners in the next couple of weeks!


thebeadedlily said...

I'd wait, and further, when you do open the next one, I'd let the current entrants know so they can join again if they wish.

I vote for edging!

Have you tried asking them if they'd like to offer the same deal? Like say you do an edging. Then you aske other tatters if hey like to offer an edging-- not the same one-- to the entrants a the same cost.
The entrants pick which edging they'd like to work with and everything else is the same and goes on from there.

Hyla Waldron said...

I vote edging, and I already have an idea, so Id be up for the next contest being right after this one. I still have to put the finishing details on this entry! Eeks. Wish for my kidney stone pain to stay away so I can finish up!


Waterrose said...

A snowflake if you do the challenge before the holiday. Edging sounds like a great idea too... I just finished my challenge piece and will upload it as soon as you give me permission to join the group.

michelle said...

I'd like to do this again, after the holidays, and edging sounds like it would be fun to work with.

I'm busy finishing up my piece and I have to tell you this has been the best thing I've gotten involved with in a long time. I've worked with supplies I haven't touched in 2 decades. I wore my piece out last night even though it's not finished and got a jaw-drop from my sister.

I'm planning to blog about the challenge immediately after I post my photos to flickr so I'd be happy to blog again after it's over with and showcase the winners.