Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And So It Begins

I present for your approval and participation, Tatting Is Not A Lost Art: The Challenge

First, a little background.Tatting is the art of making a very durable form of lace with knotted stitches using either a shuttle or needle. While there is a very vibrant tatting community, it is often regarded as a lost art by the general population that has had little exposure to this unique and timeless craft.

By creating a your own piece with a tatted medallion, you can not only help expose tatting to a wider audience, but also win yourself some of my tatted pieces. First place will be a $40 credit at, second place will be a $20 credit and third place will be your choice of my tatted pendants.

Each person may purchase one or more of the tatted medallions to participate in the challenge. You may create absolutely anything with the medallions. The medallion should have a prominent place in the design and may be dyed or embellished. In order to accommodate artists of all kinds, I am offering both a small medallion, 2 inches, in black and ecru and a larger size, 4 inches, in ecru only. Your choice of medallion does not affect your chance to win. I will continue to offer medallions as long as there is demand for them, so if you don't see the one you wanted, let me know and I will make more. The medallions are available now.

The entries must be listed at etsy using the tag, "tattingchallenge"and/or uploaded to our flickr group by July 31st to be eligible to win. They will be judged on creativity, design, use of the medallion and general coolness. There will be three prize levels all redeemable at my etsy store.

The contest details and entries will be published here on my blog with proper credit and links to the creators. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

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hy said...

very cool idea! i hope lots of people participate!
mary jane

Unknown said...

oh wow I love your tatting i have always wanted to learn but just never had the paciants :)

Unknown said...

cool challenge - need to give it a little thought.

Jenni B said...

I love tatting! And I love your blog and Etsy shop!!

Crafty Mama said...

I would love to learn tatting. Unfortunately, no one near me knows how and I'm having difficulty locating a class. Any great videos you know of?

Anonymous said...

Go to any craft shop and ask whether they have tatting classes. If not, ask them if you can submit a request. Sooner or later there will be someone who will answer you request, either direct you to a place that has a class or will start one. Of course, there's

Anonymous said...

Go to a craft shop and ask. If they don't have any tatting classes, ask if they might start one and leave your contact info. Soon there will be someone who will direct you to a class, or they will find an instructor (instructors have networks). Of course, there's for instruction too. But in-person training is better, because there's a little trick to it. Good luck.