Monday, April 28, 2008

The Way Back Machine

KungFuCowgirl & VerukaDollsLand

My very first etsy purchase in May of 2006 was a Totoro plush from KungFuCowgirl, it was her second sale. Since that point she's managed to racik up well over 2000 sales and I just hit 250, so clearly she's doing something right. Now I know some of you may point out the copyright infringement issue with this plush, but all I knew was my daughter loved the movie and I couldn't find a plush anywhere. It's a little worse for the wear, but is still doing quite nicely. It stacks up well next to the commercial plushes I have since been able to buy. I don't know if she would remember me at all, but I'll never forget my first.

That August I returned to etsy for more plushes. This time, I was looking for something off, something different and I found it at VerukaDollsLand. She hand sews the most adorable little creatures and I feel in love with many of them. I managed to set up a trade with her for one of the knit teddy bears I used to make. Even though it's obvious that this was a handmade piece it's sturdy, well made and the handmadeness of it is actually a very attractive quality. This little wubbie is still sitting in my daughters room and I have since bought a second one for my youger daughter in a pretty purple. These are the kinds of one of a kind pieces that I think they will have fond memories of forever.

I can absolutely see how these sellers have done so well over that last two years. They both make quality products that actually do stand the test of time.


marin said...

very cute etsy finds. :)

Distressing Delilah a.k.a. jenn said...

It sounds like they have done quite well! Striving to get there!

Katie L. said...

great reviews :) such cute little plushies!