Friday, April 11, 2008

The Way Back Machine

BeaG & Mamadelic

While reviewing my newest purchases, I thought, too bad I didn't have a blog two years ago when I started my etsy shopping spree. I then proceeded to rush about my house collecting all the various items I could find and began taking photos for a Way Back Machine review series. A great many of them became gifts and I've clearly used and abused others. I still need to find some more things that are strewn about, but I've got enough to start with.

This review series will be different not only because of the time lapsed, but also because I will be focusing on the longevity of the items. These will be short and sweet, so you shouldn't get bored. If I bought something from you in the last couple of years, don't be surprised to see it here.

My first two are from my first real shopping spree back in August of 2006. These items are special because I not only still use them daily, but I couldn't imagine not having them around.

BeaG makes these simple crochet key chain holders for lip balm and Vaseline tins. I do crochet, so as soon as I received these, I immediately tried to figure out the pattern. Then I stopped and realized for the first time that I did not need to learn how to make these. Why? Because she makes them so well, I'll never need another one. That did not stop me from buying more as gifts. Sometimes we must simply bow to the superior skill. Two years later, these are still in my bag daily and have held up amazingly well. I am really hard on my stuff and I have two small kids who play with everything, so when I say they hold up well, it's practically a guarantee.

Mamadelic is an awesome seller too. Back when I bought this in August 2006 , I saw her almost everyday in the forums. I figured it was time to get a business card holder, so I picked one up from her. Guess what, its still in my bag packed with cards on one side and tissues on the other. Did I mention I'm mom.

This was very well made, professionally packaged and again has held up to an amazing amount of abuse. It's just stiff enough to hold up and is made from some lovely fabric. I notice that she doesn't make these anymore, but you can still check out her other amazing products, I haven't bought a tote in a while...

On another subject, lest you think I've stopped creating if favor of deep meaningful blog posts, here's a sneak peek at my entry for the Spring Beading Challenge. Clearly, I am no a beader. It is a challenge for me to simply add beads to an existing tatting design, so I participate in the challenge as a learning exercise. I'm fully aware I have snowballs chance in hell of winning, but I press on.

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