Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Before & After

Pinkchihuahuaart & TimothyAdamsDesigns

I thought that I might actually convince a few people to share their before and after listings for my countdown to 1000 celebration, but no one bit. Instead I will use two of my most recent purchases to show not only where we all come from, but where we can all get to under the right set of circumstances.

While playing the, "look at my blog" game, I ran across a picture of the cutest little polymer ladybug. I immediately proceeded to the sellers etsy store and picked it up for my bug loving daughter. It was pinkchihuahuaart's first sale and I have to admit, I didn't pay that much attention to the details, it was perfectly priced for an impulse buy. I didn't receive a confirmation convo, but I didn't really expect one. When the package arrived, I was impressed with the careful packaging and pleasantly surprised with the cute felt pin included as a gift. I have to point out that the ladybug, while "super cute", was far from flawless with little fingernail marks and a slightly peeling antenna. I still love it and I will add it to my daughters birthday gifts next month. The reason I mention the flaws, other than my sick need to always speak true, is to make my before and after point. Pinkchihuahuaart is clearly talented, but has quite a way to go before she could ever sit at the table with the creator of my next purchase.

The one thing these two purchases have in common is, I found them both through the sellers blog. TimothyAdamsDesigns was launching a product test of a new necklace design at a reduced price. I could not pass up the deal. I've wanted one of his pieces for quite some time and like a lot of other new Etsian bloggers, I've been visting his blog regularly for tips and whatnot. As soon as his test necklace was available I ran to his store to pick it up. Soon after I received a convo confirming my purchase and letting me know when it would be shipped. It arrived the other day, professionally packaged and in pristine condition. I know that he has recently joined the 700 club (sales that is) and the reason is obvious. The necklace is well constructed, each cut deliberate and well designed. It hangs beautifully and comfortably from the amazing magnetic steel cable, perfect in its simplicity. In fact I'm wearing it right now and I'll most likely be wearing it tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

I guess, I'm somewhere between these two sellers and I hope to one day join the ranks of TimothyAdamsDesigns, but it might be awhile. My two year anniversary on Etsy is coming up on April 18th and I'm 7 sales shy of 250 and just broke my goal of 1000 hearts yesterday. I think I might feel a sale coming on...stay tuned.


just for you said...

thanks for the great post about my shop and the necklace!

i hope you enjoy it and great lots of compliments!


Waterrose said...
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Waterrose said...

It really does make a difference when someone practices good customer service. And, it's all the attention to detail that keeps customers coming back. I also leave constructive feedback if it is warranted --I think it's the only way for someone to get better at their craft.

I also love TAD's designs. I'm glad to hear that they are comfortable to wear.

Deb DiSalvo said...

Tim's the best, isn't he???? I was lucky enough to get featured in his volume 4 handbook to handmade! That necklace rocks!

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand how you can compare your purchase of the cute lady bug to a professional long time jewelry artist.

I see the lady bug (I checked you forgot to mention cost $4.00) to a expensive necklace or even a $100.00 tatted hat.

Obviously pinkchihuaart is in the arts for fun not just specificly profit and wants to share her talent with people who appeciate just that.

I also am a artist for years and would not have discouraged a up and coming talented person the way you did.

Off to buy a lady bug!

TotusMel said...

I only compared the two, to show the difference between a new and seasoned seller. I enjoyed both transactions and I felt the review reflected that. It was meant to inspire, not discourage.