Friday, November 20, 2015

Tardis Blue

Yesterday morning as I was schooling the kids I had an exchange on my Facebook page that resulted in my making another key choker in what will now be known as Tardis blue. I really can't believe that I hadn't thought of it myself. It seems like an obvious choice now as I am a Doctor Who fan as well. I got it done by late afternoon and as I started the process of getting the green, purple and blue ones ready to list, I realized that I had made a silly error with the purple one. It was too short. I must have counted wrong and into the pile to be fixed, that one went.
The others went into the shop and the Tardis blue one found it's home quickly with the lovely person who had suggested it in the first place. The green one is still up in the shop and I'm going to try to fix the purple one today and get that listed as well. I'll also likely remake the blue one so it is in the shop too. After that though, I think I might have to stop with this piece for a while. It's getting a bit repetitive and I'm hoping I've got another idea or two hiding in my head. Though this weekend will likely consist of more cleaning to prepare to host the holiday meal on Thursday so who knows if my brain will be on at all. Only time will tell.