Tuesday, November 24, 2015


As I was getting ready to write this morning I noticed that apparently yesterday was my 2000th blog post here. Yikes, right? I completely wasted too, no hoopla, nothing interesting at all. Unfortunately I'm not going to redeem myself with this post either.

I didn't do much creative yesterday at all except for making a graphic to announce my holiday sale. Of course that was it's own drama as the free program I usually use decided that it wasn't even going to bother opening anymore. After troubleshooting the problem for far too long, I opted to upgrade to a paid program. That just began a whole new drama as I had to learn to use it as well. I sometimes miss the era of printed instruction booklets. I did get the graphic done, then realized after I posted it everywhere that I messed it up. I then deleted it from everywhere, made another and reposted it. After all that I was definitely done with making anything for the day.
Here you go though, my Diminishing Returns Holiday Sale. Each week the discount goes down a little, but there's a sale code for every week including the week of Christmas. This week it starts with 30% off with the code HOLIDAY30. The code is good on everything in my etsy shop including patterns. Please do share, shop, and save this season! I'm hoping a sale can revive my sleeping shop and put a little money in the coffers so I can shop for the holidays too.

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