Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Little Trees

Nothing interesting happened yesterday, nor did I get any ideas of any value.There was schooling followed by me trying to fix our malfunctioning gas fireplace. I think I may have failed on the last point, though it did get a good cleaning regardless. When I finally sat down to do something creative I ended up crocheting little cone shaped trees. I'm thinking of making little displays to give away to the family. I figured I can add little beads or something as decoration. This did however, lead me back to some tatting. I thought the piece could use a doily under it to pull it together. To that end I started tatting up the small doily version of my Gothic doily. This time in size 20 white thread.
I still have quite a few more rounds to go on it, but when it's done it should fit under all the little trees. Then I'll decorate them and perhaps give them to relatives on Thanksgiving, because giving holiday decorations on the holiday is perhaps one of the more pointless things I can think of. I'm also hoping that getting some tatting done will get my brain thinking about designing. I need to do something to get people shopping in my store again. I sold a couple of patterns yesterday, which I am thankful for, but they are definitely not the finished pieces I need to sell. Oh well, off to the day then with fingers crossed.

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Carolyn said...

What a cute idea! I may have to see what I can come up with now! As if I need another crafty Christmas project!