Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Sequins

I wanted to slowly settle back into routine yesterday. Instead I began the day with domestic duties galore, a couple of loads of dishes followed by what seemed like an entire day of laundry. I even threw in some garbage duty and kitty litter to round it all out. Yes, my life is very, very glamorous. While I managed to finish tatting a mask that had sold during my vacation, I only did a few minutes of sequins. You see, my two year old likes to help me with the sequins by picked them all up and then handing them to me one at a time. This is not particularly productive, cute as hell, but about as helpful as a heart attack, so I must remember to engage in sequins only while she sleeps for the best use of time.

As I am struggling with sewing them to empty spaces, I got a comment on an earlier post suggesting the use of black tulle to sew them to. Damn good idea...just a little too late for this piece though as I am not starting over with this. I am also feeling a little bit of remorse as I cover my tatting with these little shiny disks, though I knew I was going to do so all along, it seems a shame to hide the tatting. I have to remind myself that I did the simple split ring chains so they could be hidden. I find myself also beginning to doubt that this piece is becoming what I was commissioned to make in the first place. Sure, I don't regret making it either way even though I know that if it does make it into the store, the price tag will be ridiculous and it's likely to never find another home. I could call it a waste of time...if it doesn't meet approval, but instead I'll call it a challenge, an art piece if you will. Then, I will never make another...ever.

I do want to get this thing finished soon as I think I've mentioned that I have a few custom requests pending that will both require a prototype created first I think. As much extra time as that always takes, I really like having the ecru colored prototype sitting around for future projects. The only problem with using the ecru thread is it is slightly thicker than the black thread. I've been told that the different colored dyes used on thread or yarn all create a slightly different sizes, while I have no concept of why that is, I can tell you that it sure seems to be true as the ecru pieces made in size 10 thread are always larger than my final pieces made in black size 10 thread. But, I digress...I just want to get to work on those pieces, just not at the expense of the mask. There is no more laundry today, so maybe I'll make some headway today...maybe. Of course, I'm really close to the end of this Zelda game so maybe not.


Emi said...

I think it will be a very unique and fun piece, even if it just sits on a mannequin head looking pretty when finished.

I admit to being quite eager to seeing it finished, partially as I am sure it will be a sight to behold and partially as I am, perhaps rather selfishly, interested in your hinted at other custom work.

Your 2 year old sounds adorable, by the way, perhaps not as helpful as she tries to be but adorable none the less.

Anyway, take care, happy tatting and all! =D

victats@gmail.com said...

I find that black thread is always a little linty and sticky compared to ecru.
can't wait to see the finished mask