Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bubble Lace

I continued to have one of the best days online yesterday. No, was really nice. Of course it started with the beading gem feature, then I had a prominent place in The Michon Jewelry 5th day of Christmas gift guide. Really quite pleasant. Then as I tatted my fingers off, I got a sale off of twitter.

As my shoulder began to ache for just a bit too much speed tatting trying to remake all that had been sold recently, I decided to go ahead and spend some time designing. Using my brain more that my needle if you will. I thought back to a necklace I'd seen in the front page of etsy recently. You've seen them before I'm sure. One attaches a piece of vintage lace or more likely a mass produced lace applique to a necklace, perhaps adding a second to the other side and there you have. As a lace maker, I've never been too impressed with the skills it takes to make them, but I do like the look. So, I decided to make my own with hand tatted lace designed specifically for the purpose.

I started with the half Starburst motif and tatted it to another to make new shape, a bit of a zigzag. Then as I placed it on the mannequin, I puzzled on what to make the second piece to give the piece the proper balance. I went with a simple split ring design using the same stitch counts as the motif. The hard part was actually working with the chain to create the asymmetric look. Once I got everything properly measure out, it all fell into place.

I should get the piece listed later today and we'll see if my version gets any love. I want to try out a few more motif ideas, but I like to see if the concept falls flat or flies first.

Oh and there was one last little 'yay!' for the day. I uploaded one of the pictures me and my daughter took for Poppy's Wicked Garden to a flickr group of some friends fashion blog, The Demoiselles. You, know, my modeling gig with my new top. Anyway, they were picking a winner from the current crop of photos and mine was their choice. The photographer being 5 might have cuted them over the edge, but whatever...I won. I'm not the most fashionably forward person, but their blog is honest speak and they are most wonderful people, so I'm pleased. Oh, what did I win? A pair of panties...awesome ones.

So, I'd like to extend a thank you to karma for the great day that I had. I really needed that one. Now, it's back to the production line with the tatting. The Holidays come but once a year and people only shop like this now, so I must take full advantage. I paid the bills the other day...and yeah, I'm getting back to work now.


Unknown said...

Lovely necklace! Very dramatic with the black lace and silver chain!

Leah said...

Great necklace! Thanks for the link to my gift guide too :)

Plump Fairy said...

Creative new design. I am a new follower. I admire your work. I am also a needle tatter - been tatting for over 10 years. I really love the creative and unique ways you've put our wonderful skill to work. You must work your little fingers to the bone! Keep up the good work.

oh and btw, i found you on etsy and you were who turned me on to Steampunk. Of course i'm an old steampunker but i love the style. i'm trying to get my granddaughter into it - oops that may really reveal how old i am. any way thanks for sharing your work and yourself.

cheers ~ the Plump Fairy
aka Carol

. c h o k l i t . said...

Huzzah for good days! Hope it keeps up, you deserve it...

Plump Fairy said...

oh yeah and congrats on your great day yesterday.