Friday, December 4, 2009

And That's Three

As I thought about my recent ability to create a new piece a day, I somehow got it into my head that I should keep trying to do that. One new piece a day, for as long as I can manage it anyway. I never know when I will get derailed by other obligations, but I figured it definitely couldn't hurt to try and get a small piece out everyday. They may not all end up listed for sale, but I will keep sharing them here at least so we can all learn from the successes and failures of the day.

Yesterday's piece was a motif I chose out of a DMC tatting book circa 1972. Now, I asked the twitterverse whether this was considered vintage and though many people created during the seventies and before were reluctant to agree, we decided it was. I know that's not really all that important as a book put out by a thread company probably contains a lot of recycled patterns anyway. Anyway, I tatted up the motif as it was written intending to break down the elements to create something new, but I liked the motif so much by itself that I chose to make a pendant out of it. In the pattern it was part of a luncheon set and the picture was so bad, I couldn't tell how pretty it really was.

I couldn't leave it be though, so I added some beads in deep red shades using my less that stellar wire wrapping skills and hung it from a ribbon. It has a very Gothic feel to it and is the perfect contrast to the more modern designs of the last couple of days. I still plan on dissecting the design for some more pieces. I could see the elements tease me as I worked up the motif the first time. I think today might be a simple pair of matching earrings, but I've some interesting choker ideas as well.

I had zero sales yesterday and though I'm not crying in a corner weeping over it, it did get me to thinking about advertising my shop which aside from my "social networking" I do not do. I've no ads anywhere and I'm starting to think that I might want to get on that. Every time I sit down to design one though, I feel like it's coming up short and then I just stop. I've also been thinking of sponsoring a giveaway on another site, but am not sure where would be a good place. Then of course there's the fear of asking where I think I might like to do one. I may be a perfectly competent lace maker, but as a business person, I am seriously lacking. Well, that's enough of that for now.

One last piece of news for you this Friday morning. You might have noticed the large badge in the right column stating that I am a Wishpot expert. If you don't know what wishpot is, it's a social shopping site. What is truly nice about the place is the interface with which to share ones wishlists or recommendations with others. Like other similar sites, you download a button for your browser bar and use that to add anything you want from any site to you lists. Perfect for any kind of registry, the lists can be shared and there is even a feature to request contributions to a larger gift. Say you want a vacation for your birthday, so can ask all your friends to simply contribute money through paypal to the end cost. I still need to look around a bit and get more familiar with the site. I was recruited on twitter to be a handmade expert and though I really hesitate to call myself an expert at anything, I get some exposure for my etsy store and I'll be able to add my Wunderkammer finds to a larger venue so they get exposure. My blog also syndicates over there, so again more exposure...maybe I won't need to take out ads after all. So check out the site, so far I like it much better than some of the others I've played with. Only time will tell.


Digital Misfit said...

Gorgeous pendant!
I think you can fairly call yourself a handmade expert - your pieces are fantastic.

misfitknits said...

i second what digital misfit said about your competency as a handmade expert- you may not be an expert of ALL THINGS hand made, but you're certainly an expert needle tatter *IMO*.

anyways- i've wanted to add my two cents to your etsy store debate for a while now. i'm not a subscriber of your blog, or anything, but i do check in often enough to know of your frustrations with your etsy sales.

i think you MAY have more sales if you were to offer your patterns for sale. i for one, would probably buy EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR PATTERNS, yes, even the small motif patterns. i love them all!!! i think you're such a clever designer!

i think one of the problems is that most of the people who get to your etsy store ARE TATTERS *which i think you're on the right track with what you're doing now, trying to get your name out there and all* speaking for myself, MY REASON for not being able to support your beatiful craft is that i'm flat broke!!! i can't justify buying your bigger pieces because i just don't have the money to spare. BUT i would love to at least try and tat them for myself!!! and there are loads of other reasons that knitters, crocheters, tatters, etc would rather make something they see instead of buying it.

i also know that you aren't 100% sure of your pattern-writing abilities. BUT taking a cue from knitting pattern designers, you can use what are called "pattern testers". you write the pattern, find your testers, give them the patten for free *they provide thread, needle/shuttle, and anything else they may need* but in return, they help you work the kinks out of your pattern (ie: there may be a mistake here, as i can't figure this part out, etc). the testers can't share the pattern, EVER, but they can't leak the secret of what they're making either, say on their blog, it's got to be kept under lock and key for your business interests.

i for one, would LOVE to help in the pattern testing part ;)

i really hope some of this helps. this comes purely from a place of wanting to help- i have an etsy store and i KNOW how hard it is to get sales, especially being a SAHM, i need all the extra income i can get!!!

PS- i'd like to be first on your list of pattern testers, if that day ever comes!! ;)