Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Jeweled Spine

If you'd have told me that I would be making even one new design in December, I would have balked...there might have been laughter as well. Yet, here I am with the second design of the month and we're only a few days in, so what gives? Honestly, I think that I have been so into production mode, hoping for sales to keep me going that any down time requires an immediate task to keep me at that level. I've cleaned and done homeschooling, but the kids nap time in particular, must be busy tatting time for me.

I did a little remaking yesterday, but by nap time, I was mostly done with that for the day. I decided rather than go for a whole new design, I would search though my pile of UFO's...I think that's the term I've seen bandied about, unfinished objects. Anyway, I found one intended to be a pendant, but it still needed something. It's a motif I call the spine. It was an attempt at turning a vintage one shuttle pattern into a needle tatting pattern. I turned what were thread spaces into chains and for added effect made them celtic in that the weave around each other.

The pendant was also done in size 20 thread, a bit smaller than my usual pieces, so needed a more delicate display. I dug through my unused supplies and found some mis-ordered micro bead chain. Ridiculously thin and fragile looking, it was perfect for the design. I added a single swarovski crystal to the bottom to, I don't know , complete the look. All in all, it was an easy project since the tatting part was already done, but now I have another brand new necklace to present to the world. I call it the Jeweled Spine.

I should at this point make no more predictions as to what I will get done today. It's becoming clear that I am not in charge of my scheduling lately. I seem to be moving at whims beyond my normal household chores. Though sales have been good, they have not been as brisk as I had thought they might be. This of course is a blessing as well as a curse. More time for these spontaneous design adventures, but less money for, you know, shopping and what not. So, I might get to dig through more UFO's or I might be stuck in production mode, either way...I will be tatting my fingers off.


For The Love of Beads said...

Really nice piece! Very sexy and delicate


Straylight said...

Wow, i really like the new necklace... very nice.